Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bibliography of thing past

Links will be provided if they still exist.

  1. Fishing Expedition, Pen Pricks micro fiction, 55 words
  2. Naj Tunich, Bewildering Stories, 4300 words
  3. The Life, issue 1 Cerulean Rain, 222 words
  4. Fire and Brimstone, Yellow Mama #11, 2050 words
  5. Lullaby, Macabre Cadaver issue 3, 942 words 
  6. Nine,52 Stitches (Strange Publications) 650 word
  7. Premonition, Flashes in the Dark, 920 words
  8. Wine For Two, Ruthless Peoples Magazine issue #3, 1775 words
  9. My Birthday PresentFeathertale, 1100 words
  10. Burnt Offering, Unheard Magazine V2. Issue 6, 2000 words 
  11. The Problem With Gnomes, 52 Stitches, (Strange Publications) 450 words
    In Print:
    1. Life in Vignettes, Literary Chaos Issue #1, (Coataclism Press)  600 words
    2. Solitaire, and Other Games Children Play,  DemonMinds Halloween 08, 1350 words
    3. Nine, 52 Stitches (Strange Publications) 650 words
    4. Coffin Nails, Night to Dawn #16 (Blood red shadows press) 2170 words
    5. Winter Solstice, M-Brane SF #8, 4700 words
    6. Play Date, Sand, Strange Tales Year 2 (Strange Publications) 525 words
    7. The Glass Jar, Fissure Magazine #7 (Shadow Archer Press), 1350 words
    8. The Passenger, Midnight Echo #3 (magazine of the Australian Horror Writers Association) 525 words
    9. Beneath the Willows, Bards and Sages Quarterly October 09 issue, 950 words
    10. Fate's Hand In Mortal Affairs, The Four Horsemen: An Anthology of Conquest, War, Famine, And Death (Pill Hill Press) 2800 words 
    11. This Candle Won't Last Forever, Letters from the Dead,( Library of the Living Dead Press) 250 words
    12. The Ghosts of Cheyenne Trail, The Zombist horror western anthology, (Library of the Living Dead Press) 4700 words

      Stories Forthcoming

      This will be a revolving list (I hope). Come back often.

      1. Solitaire, and Other Games Children Play (reprint), Tales from the Calderon,  (Library of Horror Press) 1350 words
      2. Undertow, Horrology, (Library of Horror Press) 2500 words

      Trying something different

      I am going to use this blog site to try to clean up my other blog, A Continuity of Parks. I am going to use this one to list my sales and links to the stories, forthcoming and past, as opposed to trying to keep track of them on my writing site. Quite frankly, the margins are starting to look a little crowded and I thought I would try this. This could take a couple of days, so bear with me. Here we go.